Exercises to Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
1. Brief Review
Point out all the important facts stated in chapter 4.
2. Summary
Make a summary of chapter 5.
3. Comprehension
Answer the following questions.
What did Sir Henry Baskerville look like? Was he a simpleton?
What two strange things happened to Sir Henry that morning?
What was Holmes’s opinion on that matter as an expert on deduction?
Sir Henry was eager to come back to Baskerville Hall, wasn’t he?
Why did Holmes suddenly change from the talker to the man of action?
Whom did Holmes and Watson see in the street? What special feature did that person have?
4. Vocabulary
Find English equivalents of the following words in the story.
1) крепкий, хорошо сложенный_______________________________
2) причинять беспокойство_______________________________
3) высохнуть, закончиться_______________________________
4) вытащить_______________________________
5) запугать, отпугнуть_______________________________
6) человек дела, энергичный человек_______________________________
7) Поторопись!_______________________________
8) подыскивать, осматриваться в_______________________________
поисках чего-либо
9) вне поля зрения_______________________________
10) узнавать_______________________________
5. What did they say?
Report the extract from chapter 5 that starts with the words “Well? I asked. …” and ends in the words “…there for you”.

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