This was one of the few crimes he didn’t … .
) achieve;) commit;
) make;) perform;
The … are still holding twelve people hostage on the plane.
) bandits;) guerrillas;
) hijackers;) kidnappers;
He was charged with a (an) … of currency regulations.
) break;) breach;
) disrespect;) observance;
Our insurance policy offers immediate … against the risk of burglary, accident or damage by fire.
) care;) cover;
) relief;) security;
The man jumped out of the window and committed … .
) death;) homicide;
) murder;) suicide;
“Thieves will be … .”
) liable;) lifted;
) persecuted;) prosecuted;
Police blamed a small hooligan … in the crowd for the violence which occurred.
) constituent;) division;
) element;) portion;
The police said there was no sign of a … entry even though the house had been burgled.
) broken;) burst;
) forced;) smashed;
The police car raced down the street with the … blaring.
) alarm;) bell;
) gong;) siren;
The tourist’s camera was … because he had brought it into the country illegally.
) bereaved;) confiscated;
) deprived;) extorted;
Look, Officer. I’m not drunk. I’m as … as a judge.
) calm;) clear;
) sober;) steady;
He said he would sue us, but I don’t think he’ll … his threat.
) achieve;) bring about;
) carry out;) perform;
The conspirators were plotting the … of the government.
) catastrophe;) disaster;
) demolition;) overthrow;
The thieves … the papers all over the room while they were searching for the money.
) broadcast;) scattered;
) sowed;) strayed;
Ms Goodheart was completely … by the thieves disguise.
) taken away;) taken down;
) taken in;) taken up;
The police caught the thief … .
) in a black and white;) in the red;
) red-handed;) true blue;
He was arrested for trying to pass … notes at the bank.
) camouflaged;) counterfeit;
) fake;) fraudulent;
He offered me $ 500 to break my contract. That’s … .
) blackmail;) bribery;
) compensation;) reward;
The child was kidnapped by a notorious … of robbers.
) crew;) gang;
) staff;) team;
The burglar … silently into the room.
) crept;) stood;
) strode;) wandered;
The … sentenced the accused to 15 years in prison.
) barrister;) counsel;
) judge;) solicitor;
If you can’t resolve the dispute, it will have to be settled by … .
) arbitration;) court;
) election;) referee;
His comments … little or no relation to the facts of the case.
) bear;) give;
) possess;) reflect;
They all thought he was guilty, but no one could … anything against him.
) accuse;) ensure;
) point;) prove;
It has decided to hold a public … into the cause of the accident.
) Autopsy;) Examination;
) Inquiry;) Interrogation;
To protect victims of blackmail their names are often … in court.
) covered;) erased;
) hidden;) not given;
The youth involved in the disturbance at the demonstration made a (an) … to the police.
) account;) notice;
) statement;) summary;
I … to say anything unless I am allowed to speak to my solicitor.
) deny;) neglect;
) refuse;) resist;
I should like to call two … who can testify on my client’s behalf.
) witnesses;) onlookers;
) passers-by;) spectators;
You are surely not suggesting that these … young children could have planned such an evil deed.
) innocent;) lovely;
) natural;) pure;
The case against Ms Smith was … for lack of evidence.
) discarded;) dismissed;
) refused;) resigned;
The new law comes into … on May 15.
) condition;) date;
) force;) power;
The … question in this case is whether the accused had a motive for this crime or not.
) crucial;) forcible;
) supreme;) valuable;
The driver admitted that the accident was partly his own … .
) blame;) cause;
) evil;) fault;
In fact, the murderer was … from the country before extradition proceedings could be started.
) barred;) deported;
) exported;) interned;
The suspect man has a … on his right cheek.
) point;) scar;
) sign;) trace;
It is a criminal offence to … the facts.
) express;) oppress;
) repress;) suppress;
After a close cross examination, the barrister was … his client was telling the truth.
) content;) glad;
) happy;) satisfied;
At the end of the trial he was … of murder.
) condemned;) convicted;
) convinced;) penalised;
In the legal profession, men … women by five to one.
) outclass;) outnumber;
) overcome;) supersede;

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