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«Ecological building materials»Grinevich EkaterinaSO-401St.Petersburg 2014PR-project ContentBack groundProblemsEcowool«Wave»Natural paintsTarget Audience ActionsMedia ChannelsBudgetConclusion Back groundVery important to have ecologically secure place, and it is important that it was your house. In the house is conducted most part of life, children grow up.Ecological construction materials - are materials which in the process of manufacturing and maintenance don't litter environment. ProblemsEnvironmentally unfriendly building materials harmful to the healthProduction of not ecological building materials demands big power consumption. Ecological building materials can be used in recycling and decomposed faster, and not ecological - can't EcowoolEcowool doesn't contain volatile substances, which would be unhealthyEcowool has high thermal insulation propertiesEcowool - difficult flammable material. «Wave»Thermal insulation «Wave» consists of flax production waste«Wave» can be used for warming the interior walls of the building exterior and for sound insulation. Natural paintsNatural paints don't contain oil (petrol)Natural paints are made of eucalyptus, orange, linseed, rosemary, lavender oil, as well as vegetable pitch, clays, natural vegetable and earth pigments. Target Audience Adult citizensPeople who are engaged in construction, want to make repairСonstruction companies ActionsTo distribute brochures and leaflets in construction shops;To place posters in public transport;Cooperation with construction companies Media ChannelsNewspapers: «Construction weekly», «Construction newspaper», «Technologies of construction»; Magazine: «Top house», «Building Russian Review», «Hi home», «Building Business»;Internet (website, banners)Brochures and leaflets;Billboard Budget15 000 $ for newspapers and magazines advertising;2 000 $ for brochures and leaflets;4 000 $ for posters in public transport;30 000 $ for samples of materials for construction companyIn total: 51 000 $ ConclusionWhy do we need look for when choosing on ecologically materials for building?For own health and the health of our familyYou will help the environmental situation, you will not aggravate her. Thank you for your attention!

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