Порядок размещения вопросов может отличаться

Порядок размещения вопросов может отличаться, в остальном все вопросы 100% совпадают (других вопросов быть не может) и правильные (КОПРы образца 2011-2012 гг.).
Тема 1.
1. What do you want us to do?
2. The financial director failed to solve the financial problem.
3. Our company must meet the international standards.
4. People expect the President to fulfill his promises.
5. The financial crisis made people revaluate their financial budgets.
6. Russia’s population is expected to fall by 22% between 2005 and 2050.
7. The employees want the company to increase the salary.
8. The sales manager is the first to know about the clients’ wants.
9. We can provide a discount when you buy goods in bulk.
10. Our company must to decrease the international standards.
11. He is glad to work at this company.
12. Managers have to decide if it’s worth risking the money.
13. Let’s postpone the meeting till tomorrow.
14. It is important to finish the report on time.
15. Prices are likely to grow next year.
Тема 2.
1. We won’t cooperate with this company, it is not financially reliable.
2. The managers had very fruitful meeting yesterday.
3. We will meet the foreign customers tomorrow morning.
4. The term “market” means a place where people gather to buy and sell goods.
5. What products does the company sell?
6. People use foreign currencies to pay for the goods and services crossing international borders.
7. The European Economic Community was established in 1958.
8. She never meets deadlines.
9. In the last three decades the number of banks grew rapidly in response to the stable economy.
10. Why do sellers raise prices for products?
11. Today people use credit cards instead of cash.
12. A few years ago the company borrowed a big sum of money to develop its infrastructure.
13. She has no time, she will finish the report tomorrow.
14. Consumers have the opportunity to buy the best products at the best prices.
15. Credit cards are very convenient to use.
Тема 3.
1. She is looking for a new job at the moment.
2. He was calling to his partner yesterday at 5 o’clock.
3. When he was the manager, the company was making much profit.
4. What are you laughing at?
5. He was writing a letter to his friend when the director entered.
6. When I last saw him, he was working as a salesman.
7. When I came to work, she was looking through the contract.
8. What are you looking for?
9. Nowadays people are investing money into real estate.
10. Slow down! You are driving too fast.
11. They are working at a very important project now.
12. What are you doing tomorrow evening?
13. During our last meeting we were discussing a new project.
14. When I came, she was writing a report.
15. She is going to apply for admission soon.
Тема 4.
1. When we came to the conference room he had already started his report.
2. The company has employed many workers this year.
3. Has the company sold its assets yet?
4. They have just signed the contract.
5. He has delivered speech twice at this conference.
6. He has worked as a manager since 1999.
7. The company will have doubled its capital by 2025.
8. I have never dealt with GAAP before.
9. They had just entered the room when the telephone rang.
10. The company has produced 50000 cars this year.
11. He has already finished his speech.
12. Have you decided where we can get funds yet?
13. He has already looked through the company’s income statement.
14. Have you ever worked at international company?
15. He will have finished the report by 7 o’clock tomorrow.
Тема 5.
1. He has been paying off his debt for a long time.
2. They have been planning their business trip for 2 months.
3. They had been doing the market research for 2 years before the company became bankrupt.
4. She had been working on this project for two years by that time.
5. He has been negotiating with the company representatives since September.
6. The shareholders has been waiting for dividends for 3 months.
7. Have you been waiting for dollar to rise for a long time?
8. The accountant had been reconciling the balance for 4 hours before she entered the room.
9. It’s a very important meeting. She has been preparing the presentation for 2 days.
10. She had been paying off her mortgage for 20 years before she lost her job.
11. I have been working on this project for 2 years.
12. He had been reading the balance sheet for 2 hours before she came.
13. Why have you been waiting so long before asking this question?
14. The company has been producing goods for the past 6 years.
15. They have been investing money into car production for many years.

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