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Copyright Kisito 33. jumping? When did you last receive a parcel? 34. last time you got really scared? What sport have you never . How long have you studied Go back 5 aces the last time you for a friend? What is 18. ever been on fallen off a bike? 23. of a small child? the last time you 13. 14. When did you last eat floor of a 16. Have you ever ridden a horse? If yes, when did you last ride a horse? Go forward 3 spaces birthday party on 17. you last see stealing? When did you last have a birthday party? Go back 3 11. ever been to the Philippines? 12. WŠat ‹s  soetŠ‹ng you’ve  never seen tŠat  you wouŽd Ž‹e to  see?  Who did you last go on a holiday with? last time you gone camping on a mountain? brushed your Present Simple TELL ME GAME

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