2018 KGSP-?????? ????(Application Guidelines via the regional Universities)

Korean Government Scholarship Program
Application Guidelines for
Undergraduate Degrees
(via Regional Universities for Natural Science & Engineering Majors)
1. Objectives
The Korean Government Scholarship Program for undergraduate degrees is designed to provide international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea for Bachelor-level degrees, which in turn will contribute to promoting the international exchange in education and to deepening the mutual friendship among countries.
2. Total Number of Scholars to Be Selected: 25 [from 64 countries]
※ Only those who hold citizenship of the countries below are eligible to apply.
Afghanistan Congo(DRC) Indonesia Mongolia Russia Trinidad and Tobago
Angola Dominican Republic Iran Mozambique Rwanda Turkey
Azerbaijan Ecuador Iraq Myanmar Senegal Turkmenistan
Bangladesh Egypt Japan Nepal Singapore Uganda
Bolivia El Salvador Jordan Nigeria Sri Lanka Ukraine
Brazil Equatorial Guinea Kazakhstan Pakistan Sudan Uruguay
Bulgaria Ethiopia Kenya Panama Sweden Uzbekistan
Bhutan Gabon Kyrgyzstan Paraguay Tajikistan Venezuela
Cambodia Ghana Laos Peru Tanzania Vietnam
Chile Guatemala Malaysia Philippines Thailand Colombia India Mexico Poland Timor-Este 3. Academic Programs: Bachelor’s Degree Program (4 years) after preliminary Korean Language Program (1 year)
Scholars must take the mandatory Korean language training at a language institution that will be designated by NIIED. The institution will be specified in the letter of invitation after the announcement of final successful candidates.
Scholars must attain a certain level on TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) as required by NIIED before the completion of the one-year Korean language program. Otherwise, scholars are not allowed to proceed to the degree program.
Scholars with level 5 or 6 on TOPIK will be exempt from the language program and must begin their Bachelor’s degree program from Spring 2018.
Scholars who receive TOPIK level 5 or 6 during the first 6 months of the language program may start their degree program in the Fall 2018 semester.
4. Available Universities and Fields of Study : 4-Year Bachelor’s degree programs offered at the universities below.
Chonbuk National University Gyeongsang National University Konyang University Semyung University
Chonnam National University Hallym University KOREATECH Silla University
Chosun University Handong Global University Kumoh National Institute of Technology Soonchunhyang University
Chungbuk National University Hannam University Kyungpook National University Sun Moon University
Chungnam National University Hoseo University Kyungsung University University of Ulsan
Daegu University Jeju National University Namseoul University Wonkwang University
Dong-A University Jeonju University Pai Chai University Yeungnam University
Dongguk University
(Gyeongju Campus) Keimyung University Pukyong National University <34 universities>
Dongseo University Kongju National University Pusan National University Attention! Any degree program which takes more than 4 years to complete is NOT AVAILABLE under this scholarship program. All applicants cannot choose such degree programs (Examples: medicine, dentistry, architecture, and pharmacy)
For more details on the available fields and majors, refer to the “University Information” file that is available to access in the GKS Notice board, on the Study in Korea website (www.studyinkorea.go.kr). Make sure to see the “University Information” under the announcement of the Regional University track. All applicants must choose a major in the field of natural science or engineering, as listed on the “University Information”.
5. Qualifications: Prospective applicants must meet all of the following conditions.

(1) CITIZENSHIP: An applicant and his or her parents must be citizens of the country where this scholarship is offered.
Attention! Neither the applicant nor the parents should hold the Korean citizenship.
(2) AGE: An applicant must be under age 25 as of March 1, 2018 (Should be born after March, 1, 1993).
(3) HEALTH: An applicant must be in good health, both physically and mentally.
Those with disabilities, but in good mental and physical health, are eligible to apply.
Those with severe illness are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply.
(4) LEVEL OF EDUCATION: An applicant must have graduated or be expected to graduate from a high school as of March 1, 2018
Those who have already achieved a Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply.
Those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from a high school in Korea are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply.
(5) GRADES: An applicant must either have the cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A.) of 80% (out of 100%), or be ranked within the top 20% throughout the entire high school period.
C.G.P.A. should be 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, 3.23/5.0 or higher [see Appendix 2]
If an applicant’s high school has an evaluation system different from the above scales, see 7-(2)-⑨.
(6) An applicant should never have been awarded with any scholarship programs from Korea for an undergraduate degree program.
(7) An applicant must have no limitations in travelling abroad
(8) Applicants who have proficiency in the Korean or English language will be given preference.
(9) Descendants of the Korean War veterans will be given preference.
(10) Applicants from low income families or underprivileged backgrounds will be given preference.
(11) An applicant is restricted to apply either for the Embassy Track or for the Regional University Track.
Applicants who apply for both tracks will be automatically disqualified and their applications will be eliminated.
Attention! The applicants in the Regional University track must apply for ONLY ONE University. Applicants who apply for more than one university will be automatically disqualified and their applications will be eliminated.
6. Scholarship Benefits
Scholarship Period: March 1, 2018 ~ February 28, 2023 (1-year Language + 4-year Degree Program)
(2) Scholarship Benefits
Airplane Ticket or Airfare: The scholarship covers an economy class flight with the shortest route between a scholar’s country and Korea. A one-way ticket to Korea will be offered to each scholar at the beginning of the scholarship program; another one-way ticket from Korea will be offered for those who complete their studies under the scholarship program.
Monthly Stipend: 800,000 KRW per month
Tuition: The tuition fee up to 5 million KRW is covered by NIIED. In case the tuition is higher than 5 million KRW, the exceeding amount is covered by the host university. The university entrance fee is covered by the host university.
Settlement Allowance: 200,000 KRW upon arrival
Scholarship Completion Grants: 100,000 KRW upon completion of studies
Korean Language Training: The full cost for the 1 year is covered by NIIED and the language institution.
Medical Insurance: Scholars are covered by health insurance for major accidents and illnesses during their scholarship period.
Korean Proficiency Grants: Scholars with level 5 or 6 on TOPIK will receive 100,000 KRW won per month during the degree program.
(3) Notes
NIIED does not cover the expenses for the domestic travel both in a scholar’s home country and in Korea.
Airfare for entry into Korea will not be provided to a grantee that has been staying in Korea as of the date of announcement of successful candidates
NIIED does not cover the expenses for traveler’s insurance.
The medical fee is to be reimbursed through the insurance company to a scholar after he or she pays first. However, the expense for dental care or chronic disease will not be covered.
In case a scholar withdraws from the scholarship program within the first 3 months after entering Korea, he or she must return all scholarship benefits offered, which includes the entry airfare, settlement allowance, monthly stipend, tuition, language training fees, Korean proficiency grants, and medical insurance.
The return flight ticket and the Scholarship Completion Grants will not be offered for those who withdraw from the scholarship program.
If a student temporarily leaves Korea during the language program, the allowance will not be given during the period student was absent in Korea. The allowance will not be given if a student’s leave of absence period exceeds 30days during the degree program.
7. Required Documents
(1) Required Documents: 1 set of the original documents below
Completed Application Form (Form 1)
NIIED Pledge (Form 2)
Personal Statement (Form 3)
Study Plan (Form 4)
Two Recommendation Letters (Form 5)
Must be from two separate recommenders.
The letters must be written by someone who can give in-depth assessment on the applicant’s abilities, including a high school teacher, principal, or academic advisor.
Completed Self Medical Assessment (Form 6)
Graduation Certificate of High School
Those who are expected to graduate may submit a provisional graduation certificate of high school.
High School Grade Transcript (including a description of the school’s grading system)
Certificates of Citizenship of the Applicant and Parents (Examples: a birth certificate, a government-issued certificate indicating the parent-child relationship, a family register, or parents’ passport copies)
Awards (Optional)
Applicants with certified scores on their proficiency in Korean or in English may be given preference. Some examples include the following:
Proficiency in Korea: TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
Proficiency in English: TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS Academic (TOEFL ITPs are not acceptable)
Certificate of Health (Form 7, only for candidates who successfully pass the 2nd round of selection)
The certificate of health must be completed and signed by a doctor.
Copy of the Applicant’s Passport (only for candidates who successfully pass the 2nd round of selection)
1 set of the original documents should be placed in a single envelope. Recommendation letters sealed by the recommenders and submitted with the seals unbroken.
Original documents should be submitted. However, should they be available, copies must be authenticated by the issuing institution, confirming that they are the same with the originals.
The applicant’s name on the application form MUST be identical to the applicant’s passport name.
If there is any inconsistency in the applicant’s name or birth date on submitted documents, further evidential document must be submitted as verification.
Any applicant, who submits a provisional graduation certificate at the time of applying, must submit his or her official graduation certificate of high school upon arrival in Korea, no later than March 1, 2018.
The application documents must be arranged in the same order as written on the “Checklist” in the FORM 1. Each document may be stapled. However, DO NOT staple the entire application documents altogether, or put each document in a separate folder.
Application form and all other materials should be filled out either in Korean or in English. Any document issued in languages other than Korean or English MUST include official notarized translations.
All documents submitted must be A4 sized. If the document is smaller, attach it to A4 sized paper; if bigger, fold it to make it A4 sized.
The high school grade transcript must contain a description of the school’s grading system. In case the transcript does not have information on the applicant’s rank or percentile score, an applicant must submit an additional official certificate issued by the high school, confirming that the applicant’s academic achievement meets the requirement written on 5-(5) above.
All documents must be numbered and labeled on the top right corner. (Example. ⑦ Graduation Certificate of High School)
Mailing address should be stated in full including the postal-code
Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant. The applicants are advised to make their own copies of all application documents.
Incomplete or incorrect documents will result in the disqualification of an applicant.
8. Application Deadline: To be decided by the Regional University [see Appendix 1]
For details on the application deadline and the submission of application documents, applicants should contact the designated regional universities.
The first round of selection will be conducted by the universities.
All applications submitted to NIIED by individual applicants will NOT BE ACCEPTED and will be discarded.
9. Selection Procedures
Period Details
September, 2017 [1st ROUND]
The designated universities announce call for applications.
Applicants must check the announcement from the universities, including the deadline.
September ~ October Universities conduct the first round of selection.
Applicants submit the application documents to one of the designated universities.
The universities will conduct the interviews on applicants.
November 3 Universities forward the application documents of the selected candidates to NIIED.
November 17 [2ND ROUND]
NIIED conducts the second round of selection through a selection committee.
NIIED announces the result of the second round of selection on the GKS Notice board on www.studyinkorea.go.kr.
December 6 [3rd ROUND]
Candidates who pass the second round must submit the passport copy and the certificate of health (FORM 8) to the university by December 6, 2017.
January 5, 2018 NIIED announces the final successful candidates on the GKS Notice board on www.studyinkorea.go.kr.
Early February University informs the scholars of their scheduled entry to Korea.
Scholars must check their entry flight itinerary and make preparations to enter Korea.
Late February Entry to Korea
Applicants must follow the NIIED’s regulations throughout the application procedure.
Applicants must write ONE university of their choice in the Forms 1, 4 and 5. Applicants must choose only ONE department (or major) in the field of natural science or engineering, as listed on the “University Information”.
In choosing the preferred university and major, it is advisable to contact the universities in advance for further information. (See Appendix 1 for the university contact information.)
Additional documents might be required to be submitted depending on the university or department. If asked so, the applicants must submit the requested documents to the university.
Transferring to a different university is NOT allowed after the confirmation of an applicant’s final choice of a university
Regardless of university admission, all scholars must achieve the TOPIK level required by NIIED before the completion of the 1-year Korean language program. Any scholar who fails to do so cannot proceed to his or her degree.
10. Other Important Information
(1) Entry
Scholars must arrive in Korea by late February, 2018. In case a scholar does not enter Korea by the designated date, his or her scholarship will be canceled.
Prior to the arrival, all scholars are advised to study about Korea, Korean language and culture. In particular, it is advisable that grantees learn as much Korean as possible because most classes at a Korean university are taught in Korean. Scholars should check with their universities in advance which language is the medium of communication in the program. Below are some websites that scholars will find useful in preparing their studies in Korea.
Korean Language Study http://www.sejonghakdang.org
(세종학당->KOSNET 배우기)
Korean Universities http://www.studyinkorea.go.krKorean Culture http://korea.net/Entry & Residence http://immigration.go.kr.
(2) Housing
Scholars will live in a university dormitory.
The dormitory fee will be deducted out of the monthly stipend by the university.
(3) Cancellation and Temporary Suspension of Scholarship
Cancellation of Scholarship: If a scholar is found engaged in any of the following activities during his or her stay in Korea, the scholarship will be suspended and then canceled.
When any documents of the scholarship application has been found false;
When a scholar violates the NIIED regulations s/he has pledged to keep;
When a scholar fails to abide by the guidelines and regulations set by NIIED;
When a scholar is punished by the university;
When a scholar acts in a way that harms the reputation of the scholarship and/or the relevant institutions;
When a scholar fails to reach a TOPIK level required by NIIED within the period of one year language program;
When a scholar earns less than 2/3 of the registered credits of a semester;
When a scholar leaves Korea for the purpose of joining an exchange program in another country;
When a scholar fails to notify NIIED of re-enrollment without any proper reasons after the end of a leave of absence;
When a scholar receives three warnings or more;
When a scholar forfeits the scholarship.
Temporary Suspension of Scholarship
During the Korean language program, scholars may leave Korea under the language institution’s approval for up to 2 weeks during the semester and for up to 4 weeks during vacation. For the days of staying outside of Korea, the monthly allowance will not be given.
During the Associate degree program, scholars may leave Korea for up to 60 days at a time, under the university’s approval. For the days exceeding 30 days, the monthly allowance will not be given.
11. Contact
Inquiries on Major & University Admission: 34 Korean Universities (See Appendix 1)
Other Inquiries: NIIED
Website: www.studyinkorea.go.kr (Scholarships > Government Scholarship > GKS Notice)
E-mail: [email protected]

대한민국 정부초청 외국인 학부 장학생 모집요강 (지방대 추천용)
1. 목적
외국인 학생에게 대한민국 고등교육기관에서 수학할 기회를 부여함으로써 국제교육교류 촉진 및 국가 간 우호증진을 도모하고자 함
2. 초청인원: 25명 (아래 국가의 국적을 소지한 자만 프로그램에 지원할 수 있음)
가나 멕시코 세네갈 요르단 적도기니터키
가봉 모잠비크 수단 우간다칠레 투르크메니스탄
과테말라 몽골 스리랑카 우루과이 카자흐스탄 트리니다드토바고
나이지리아 미얀마 스웨덴 우즈베키스탄 캄보디아 파나마
네팔 방글라데시 싱가포르 우크라이나 케냐 파라과이
도미니카(공) 베네수엘라 아제르바이잔 이라크 콜롬비아 파키스탄
동티모르 베트남 아프가니스탄 이란 콩고(DRC) 페루
라오스 볼리비아 앙골라 이집트 키르기스스탄폴란드
러시아 부탄 에콰도르 인도 타지키스탄 필리핀
르완다 불가리아 에티오피아 인도네시아 탄자니아 64개국
말레이시아 브라질 엘살바도르 일본 태국 3. 모집과정: 1년 이내 한국어연수 후 4년제 학사 과정
한국어연수기관은 국립국제교육원이 지정함(최종 합격자 발표 후 초청장에 기재)
1년 한국어연수 후 일정의 TOPIK 급수를 취득 학위과정으로 진학
TOPIK 5급 이상을 소지한 자는 한국어연수 없이 2018년 3월부터 학위과정 진학
한국 입국 후 6개월 내 TOPIK 5급 이상을 취득한 자는 2018년 9월 조기 진학
4. 지원가능대학 및 진학가능학과: 아래 제시된 지방대학 내 개설된 4년제 이공계 학과
수학연한이 4년을 초과하는 학과(의학, 치의학, 건축학과, 약학과 등)는 제외
자세한 정보는 GKS 웹사이트(www.studyinkorea.go.kr)의 The Regional University Information 참조. 지원자는 반드시 The Regional University Information 에 등재된 지방대학의 이공계학과만 지원해야 함
건양대 공주대 동서대선문대울산대 제주대 한남대
경북대 금오공대 동아대 세명대원광대 조선대 한동대경상대 남서울대 배재대 순천향대 전남대 충남대 한림대
경성대 대구대 부경대신라대전북대 충북대 호서대
계명대 동국대(경주) 부산대 영남대전주대한국기술교육대 총34개교
5. 지원자격
(1) 추천대상국 국적 소유자 (본인 및 부모)
본인 및 부모 모두 한국 국적을 소유하지 않은 자이어야 함
(2) 2018년 3월 1일 현재, 만 25세 미만인 자 (1993년 3월 1일 이후 출생한 자)
(3) 한국에서의 장기간 유학이 가능할 정도로 신체적으로 정신적으로 건강한 자
위 (3)항을 충족하는 장애인도 지원할 수 있음
질병 치료 중인 자는 지원할 수 없음
(4) 2018년 3월 1일 현재 고등학교 졸업자
한국 내 고등학교 졸업자 및 학사 학위 이상 소지자는 지원할 수 없음
고등학교 전 학년 누계평점평균(C.G.P.A.) 80%이상이거나 성적상위 20%이내인 자
C.G.P.A.가 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, 3.23/5.0 이상이어야 함 [Appendix 2 참조]
만약 지원자의 고등학교 성적 기재 방식이 위와 다른 경우, 7-(2)-⑨ 참조
(6) 한국에서 동일 과정의 장학금을 받은 사실이 없는 자
(7) 해외 여행에 결격 사유가 없는 자
(8) 한국어 또는 영어 능력 우수자 우대
(9) 한국전쟁 참전용사 후손 특별 우대
(10) 가정형편 등 사회,경제적 배려 대상자 우대
(11) 지원자는 한 수학대학에만 지원가능
두 개 이상의 대학에 중복지원하면 2차 전형 심사대상에서 제외
6. 장학금 지급
(1) 지급기간: 2018.3.1 ~ 2023.2.28 (한국어연수기간 1년, 학부과정 4년)
(2) 지급내역
항공권 또는 항공료: 최초 입국 시 및 최종 귀국 시 서울과 당해국 최단거리 국제공항간 일반석 항공권 또는 항공료 지급
생활비: 매월 800,000원
학비: 전 학기 등록금은 국립국제교육원에서, 입학금은 대학에서 지원
정착지원금: 최초 입국 시 200,000원
귀국준비금: 최종 귀국 시 100,000원
어학연수비: 본원이 지정한 교육기관에 직접 지급
의료보험: 장학기간 중 질병, 상해, 사고 등에 대한 보험료
한국어능력우수자 (TOPIK 5급 이상 취득자)에게는 학위과정 진학 후 월 100,000원 지급
(3) 유의사항
장학생의 자국 내 이동 및 한국 내 이동 항공료는 지원하지 않음
장학생 확정 선발 통보일 기준 한국에 체류 중인 자는 입국항공료를 지급하지 않음
입국 및 귀국여행에 따른 보험료는 지원하지 않음
의료비는 장학생이 병원 또는 약국에 선납 후 보험사를 통해 환불됨 (단, 치과 치료 및 만성 질병 등에 의한 치료비는 제외)
중도 포기자에게는 귀국항공료와 귀국준비금을 지원하지 않음
한국 입국 후 3개월 이내 중도 포기한 경우, 장학금 전액(입국 항공료, 정착지원금, 생활비, 한국어 연수비 등)을 반납하여야 함
한국어 연수기간 중 일시출국기간의 생활비, 학위과정 중 학기당 30일초과 일시출국기간의 생활비는 지원하지 않음
7. 제출 서류: 아래 서류 원본 1부
제출 서류
지원서 1부 (Form 1)
서약서 (Form 2)
자기 소개서 (Form 3)
수학계획서 (Form 4)
추천서 2부 [Form 5, 추천인 (지도교사, 출신학교장, 지도교수 등) 2명으로부터 각 1부]
자가 건강 진단서 (Form 6)
고등학교 졸업증명서 1부 또는 고등학교 졸업예정증명서 1부 (2018.3.1 현재 고등학교 졸업자에 한함)
고등학교 성적증명서 1부 (학교의 성적시스템에 대한 설명서 포함)
본인 및 부모의 외국 국적을 확인할 수 있는 증명서 (출생증명서 또는 가족관계증명서, 부모 여권 사본 등)
수상실적 등 (해당자에 한함)
한국어 또는 영어 공인 성적 증명서 (소지자에 한함, 한국어-TOPIK / 영어-TOEIC, TOFLE, IELTS Academic *기관 TOFLE 등 효력이 제한적인 어학능력 시험은 인정되지 않음)
의사가 발급한 영문 건강증명서 (Form 7, 2차선발전형 통과자에 한함)
본인 여권 사본(2차선발전형 통과자에 한함)
서류 원본을 봉투에 넣어 제출하도록 함 : 추천서는 개봉하지 말고 추천자가 밀봉해 준 대로 제출하여야 함
모든 서류는 원본이어야 함. 만약 원본을 제출할 수 없는 경우, 당초 서류 발급 기관으로부터 원본과 같다는 확인을 받은 복사본을 제출할 수 있음
지원서의 영어 성명의 철자는 반드시 여권의 것과 같아야 함
지원서류에 기재된 지원자의 성명이나 생년월일 등이 일치하지 않을 경우, 이를 증빙하는 추가 서류를 제출하여야 함
고등학교 졸업예정자로 지원 당시 고등학교 졸업예정증명서를 제출한 자는 한국 도착 후 즉시 고등학교 졸업증명서를 제출하여야 함
지원서류는 FORM 1의 체크리스트 순으로 제출하여야 하며, 서류 1종을 스테이플로 철할 수 있으나, 서류 전체를 스테이플로 철하거나 투명 파일에 하나씩 끼워 제출하지 않도록 함
신청서를 비롯한 모든 서류는 한국어 또는 영어로 작성해야 하며, 한국어 또는 영어로 작성되지 않은 서류에는 반드시 공증번역본을 첨부하여야 함; 공증본은 원본 앞에 정렬함
모든 서류는 A4 규격으로 제출하여야 함; 만일 서류가 A4보다 작을 경우 별도 A4 용지에 부착하여 제출, A4보다 클 경우 A4 규격에 맞도록 접어서 제출하여야 함
성적증명서에는 성적시스템에 대한 설명서가 반드시 포함되어야 하며, 만약 성적증명서에 지원자의 석차나 비율이 표시되어 있지 않은 경우, 지원자의 성적이 지원자격(상기 5항-(5))을 충족한다는 확인서(고등학교에서 발급)를 추가 제출하여야 함
본원 소정양식 이외의 서류는 상단 우측에 서류명을 적어야 함
(예) ⑦ Graduation Certificate of High School
주소는 우편번호를 포함한 전체 주소를 적어야 함
제출한 서류는 반환하지 않음. 지원자는 모든 지원서류의 복사본을 만들어 보관하기 바람
제출 서류의 기재 내용이 부정확하거나 미비 서류가 있는 경우에는 선발 대상에서 제외함
8. 지원 기한: 추천대학에서 정함 [Appendix 1 참조]
(1) 프로그램 지원 및 지원서 제출 등에 관한 사항은 희망대학에 문의하여야 함
(2) 1차선발전형을 담당하는 대학을 통하지 않은 지원서는 접수하지 않음 : 지원자가 NIIED에 직접 지원할 수 없음.
9. 선발 절차
일정 선발 절차
~ 2017.9 지방대 수학대학 (이하 Univ)은 Univ 장학생 후보 선발 계획 발표
→ 지원자는 Univ 장학생 후보 선발 계획 확인
2017. 9. ~ 2017.10월말 [1차선발전형] 대학 장학생 후보 선발
→ 지원자는 대학의 장학생 후보 선발 계획에 따라 원서 제출 및 면접 응시
~ 2017.11.3 Univ 는 1차선발전형 통과자를 본원에 추천
2017.11.17 [2차선발전형] NIIED 장학생 선정 위원회 개최, NIIED 2차선발전형 결과 발표
(☞ www.studyinkorea.go.kr (NOTICE)
※ 2차선발전형 통과자는 여권 사본, 의사발급건강증명서를 2017.12.6 까지 Univ 에 제출 (Univ 는 동 서류를 NIIED에 송부)
2018.1.5 NIIED 최종 합격자 발표
2018. 2월 초순 대학은 최종 합격자에게 입국 일정 통보
→ 최종 합격자는 입국 일정 확인 및 입국 준비
2018.2.19~2.20 한국 입국
유의사항 (대학 입학 전형 관련)
지원자는 대학 입학 전형과 관련해서 국립국제교육원에서 정한 방침에 따라야 함
FORM 1 및 FORM 4, FORM 5에 진학 희망 대학 및 이공계 전공을 기재하여야 함. 희망 대학 1개, 이공계전공을 선택하여야 함 [2018 KGSP the regional University Information참조]
진학 희망 대학 및 전공을 선택하기 전에, 해당 대학에 연락을 취하여 관련 사항을 확인하기 바람 [Appendix 1 참조]
대학 입학 전형 시, 특정 대학 또는 학과의 방침상 추가 서류를 제출하여야 하는 경우 해당자는 대학의 요청에 따라 추가 서류를 제출하여야 함.
최종 진학 대학을 결정한 후 대학을 변경할 수 없음
대학에 입학허가를 받았다고 하더라도 한국어연수 종료 후 TOPIK 3급을 취득하지 못한 경우 학위과정에 진학할 수 없음
10. 기타 유의사항
(1) 입국
선발된 장학생은 2018.2월말까지 입국하여야 함. 지정된 기일 내에 입국하지 않을 경우 장학생 자격이 취소됨
장학생은 입국 전에 한국 및 한국 문화 등의 사전 연구가 필요함. 특히 대부분 대학의 수업이 한국어로 진행되므로 한국어를 사전 학습하여 주시기 바람. 또한 일부 강좌의 경우 영어를 사용할 수 있으므로 장학생은 이를 확인하고, 필요한 경우 영어능력 향상을 위해 노력해 주기 바람
▪ 한국어학습http://www.sejonghakdang.org (세종학당->KOSNET 배우기)
▪ 한국내 대학 http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr▪ 한국문화이해http://korea.net▪ 입국 및 체류http://immigration.go.kr(2) 숙소
장학생은 한국어연수 및 수학대학의 기숙사에서 생활하게 됨
기숙사비는 본원에서 지원하는 생활비에서 공제함
장학금 지급중단 및 일시 정지
다음의 경우에는 장학생 자격을 상실하고 장학금 지급을 중단함
지원서류가 허위로 작성되었거나 사실과 다른 것으로 드러났을 때
국립국제교육원에 서약한 사항을 위반했을 때
국립국제교육원이 정한 학사행정 조치사항에 따르지 아니한 때
수학기관으로부터 징계처분을 받은 때
장학생으로서 품위를 손상시키는 행동을 한 때
한국어 연수 후 일정 TOPIK 급수에 도달하지 못한 때 
무단 수학 중단으로 수학과정 재학 중 해당 학기에 수강 신청한 과목 학점의 2/3 이상을 취득하지 못한 때
외국대학과의 학점교류 등으로 출신국 또는 제3국으로 출국한 때
휴학기간 종료 후 정당한 사유 없이 복학원서를 제출하지 않을 때
경고 3회 이상 받은 때
중도포기 했을 때
다음의 경우에는 장학금 지급을 일시 정지함
한국어연수 기간 중에 장학생은 소속 한국어연수기관의 허가를 받아 학기 중에는 최대 2주, 방학 중에는 방학기간 범위 내 최대 4주 일시 출국할 수 있음. 그러나 일시 출국 기간의 생활비는 지급하지 아니함
수학과정 중에 장학생은 소속 대학의 허가를 받아 1회 60일을 출국할 수 있음. 그러나 방학을 포함하여 학기당 30일을 초과하여 일시 출국하는 경우, 30일 초과 기간의 생활비는 지급하지 아니함
11. 문의처
(1) 프로그램 지원 및 지원서 제출: 수학가능대학 (34개대학)
[Appendix 1 참조]
(2) 기타
- http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr [Scholarships > Government Scholarship > GKS Notice]
- 이메일 상담 : [email protected]
[Appendix 1 - Contact Points - Application for University Admission]
The Designated Regional Universities
* Country code: 82-
NO University Personin Charge Tel Fax E-mail address
1 Chonbuk National University Ms. Hyeseon Choi 63-270-4757 63-270-2099 [email protected] Chonnam National University Eunhui CHA 62-530-1270 62-530-1269 [email protected] Chosun University JEONG NA RA 62-230-6961 62-232-7355 [email protected]
KANG GI HEE 62-230-6789 62-232-7355 [email protected]
4 Chungbuk National University Minha Kim 43-261-3841 43-268-2068 [email protected] Chungnam National University Kwak Yujin42-821-6591 42-823-5875 [email protected] Daegu University Kim, Hyun 53-850-5686 53-850-5689 [email protected] Dong-A University Brian Kay 51-200-6443 51-200-6445 [email protected] Dongguk University(Gyeongju Campus) Lee, Sang-Yun 54-770-2875 54-770-2385 [email protected] Dongseo University Lee Yoonseo51-320-2746 51-320-2094 [email protected] Gyeongsang National University Mr. Jun Hyeon JO 55-772-0277 55-772-0269 [email protected] Hallym University Song Mingeun33-248-1341 33-248-1349 [email protected] Handong Global University Esther KIM 54-260-1806 54-260-1769 [email protected] Hannam University Jung Hyunkung42-629-7923 42-629-7779 [email protected] HOSEO University Young Hwan Cho 41-540-9522 41-540-9524 [email protected] Jeju National University Lee Junghyo64-754-8242 64-754-8247 [email protected] Jeonju University(http://www.jj.ac.kr) Mr. Hyuk-joo Lee 63-220-2887 63-220-2075 [email protected]
Jeonju University(http://www.jj.ac.kr) Mr. Jong-Sung Park 63-220-2122 63-220-2075 [email protected]
Jeonju University(http://www.jj.ac.kr) Mr. Jae-hyun Kim 63-220-3285 63-220-2075 [email protected]
Jeonju University(http://www.jj.ac.kr) Mr. Chung Kwon Lee 63-220-2705 63-220-2075 [email protected]
17 Keimyung University Jinmyoung Kim(Mr.) 53-580-6027 53-580-6025 [email protected] Kongju National University(http://www.kongju.ac.kr)(http://english.kongju.ac.kr) Lee, Inhaeng41-850-8015 41-850-8903 [email protected]
Park, Jinyeo41-850-8054 41-850-8058 [email protected]
19 Konyang University Kim Ho-seon41-730-5135 41-730-5383 [email protected]
20 KOREATECH Selina Lee 41-560-1025 41-560-2509 [email protected] Kumoh National Institute Of Technology Hyejin Kim 54-478-7216 54-478-7222 [email protected] Kyungpook National University(http://www.knu.ac.kr http://en.knu.ac.kr/) - 53-950-2433 53-950-2419 [email protected] Kyungsung University Sarah Cho 51-663-4065 51-663-4069 [email protected] NAMSEOUL UNIVERSITY Seomoon Chan 41-580-2774 41-582-2290 [email protected] Kim 41-580-3572~3 41-582-2290 [email protected]
25 Pai Chai University(http://www.pcu.ac.kr) Pyung-rak Choi 80-527-8272 070-4850-8305 [email protected] Jongseok Park 42-520-5243 070-4850-8305 [email protected]
26 PUKYONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Jungeun Kim 51-629-6846 51-629-6910 [email protected] Pusan National University Hui-jeong YOON 51-510-3854 51-510-3851 [email protected]
28 Semyung University Kyongrak Park 2-2287-7085 2-2287-0017 [email protected]
29 Silla University Mr. Yun, Inseog51-999-5512 51-999-5519 [email protected] SOONCHUNHYNAG UNIVERSITY LIM, JAESAM 41-530-1693 41-530-1381 [email protected] Sunmoon University(http://www.sunmoon.ac.kr) Kyung Min, Lee 41-530-2032 41-530-2976 [email protected] University of Ulsan Sean Park 52-220-5957 52-224-2061 [email protected]
33 Wonkwang University LEE HYUN SOO 63-850-5752 63-850-5753 [email protected] Yeungnam UnivesityLee, Sunho53-810-7886 53-810-4702 [email protected] [Appendix 2]
C.G.P.A. Conversion Table
4.0 Scale 4.3 Scale 4.5 Scale 5.0 Scale 100 Points Scale
3.97 ~ 4.0 4.26 ~ 4.3 4.46 ~ 4.5 4.95 ~ 5.00 100
3.92 ~ 3.96 4.22 ~ 4.25 4.41 ~ 4.45 4.90 ~ 4.94 99
3.88 ~ 3.91 4.17 ~ 4.21 4.36 ~ 4.40 4.84 ~ 4.89 98
3.84 ~ 3.87 4.12 ~ 4.16 4.31 ~ 4.35 4.79 ~ 4.83 97
3.80 ~ 3.83 4.08 ~ 4.11 4.26 ~ 4.30 4.73 ~ 4.78 96
3.75 ~ 3.79 4.03 ~ 4.07 4.21 ~ 4.25 4.68 ~ 4.72 95
3.71 ~ 3.74 3.98 ~ 4.02 4.16 ~ 4.20 4.62 ~ 4.67 94
3.67 ~ 3.70 3.93 ~ 3.97 4.11 ~ 4.15 4.57 ~ 4.61 93
3.62 ~ 3.66 3.89 ~ 3.92 4.06 ~ 4.10 4.51 ~ 4.56 92
3.58 ~ 3.61 3.84 ~ 3.88 4.01 ~ 4.05 4.45 ~ 4.50 91
3.49 ~ 3.57 3.75 ~ 3.83 3.91 ~ 4.00 4.34 ~ 4.44 90
3.41 ~ 3.48 3.65 ~ 3.74 3.81 ~ 3.90 4.23 ~ 4.33 89
3.32 ~ 3.40 3.56 ~ 3.64 3.71 ~ 3.80 4.12 ~ 4.22 88
3.24 ~ 3.31 3.46 ~ 3.55 3.61 ~ 3.70 4.01 ~ 4.11 87
3.15 ~ 3.23 3.37 ~ 3.45 3.51 ~ 3.60 3.90 ~ 4.00 86
3.07 ~ 3.14 3.27 ~ 3.36 3.41 ~ 3.50 3.79 ~ 3.89 85
2.98 ~ 3.06 3.18 ~ 3.26 3.31 ~ 3.40 3.68 ~ 3.78 84
2.90 ~ 2.97 3.09 ~ 3.17 3.21 ~ 3.30 3.57 ~ 3.67 83
2.81 ~ 2.89 2.99 ~ 3.08 3.11 ~ 3.20 3.45 ~ 3.56 82
2.72 ~ 2.80 2.90 ~ 2.98 3.01 ~ 3.10 3.34 ~ 3.44 81
2.64 ~ 2.71 2.80 ~ 2.89 2.91 ~ 3.00 3.23 ~ 3.33 80
 [Form 1]
2018 대한민국정부초청 외국인 학부장학생 지원서
(Application for 2018 KGSP for an Undergraduate Degree)
지방대 이공계 전형 / via Regional Universities for Natural Science & Engineering Majors
∙ Please type or print clearly in English or Korean.
∙ English Name Spelling MUST be exactly the same as in your passport
∙ Please state a date in the following order: year, month and day (ex. January 30, 1994 → 1994/01/30)
(Applicant’s name) 성 (Family name) / 이름 (Given name) / Middle name
국적(Nationality) 생년월일(Birth-date)
(yyyy/mm/dd) 언어능력
(Language Proficiency) 한국어(Korean Proficiency) □ Advanced □ Intermediate □ Beginner
영어(English Proficiency) □ Advanced □ Intermediate □ Beginner
수학 희망 대학(Preferred Univ.) 희망 전공 (Preferred Dept.)
(Natural Sciences & Engineering) □ Checklist (Submission of Documents)
∙ Please put a √ in the appropriate box, Type or Print clearly
Required Documents Original
Document Official Notarized Translation
Yes No Yes No
지원서   One Complete Application Form   N/A
서약서   One NIIED Pledge   N/A
자기소개서   One Personal Statement   N/A
수학계획서   One Study Plan   N/A
추천서 2부   2 Recommendation Letters (from 2 different recommenders)   N/A
자가건강진단서   One Self Medical Assessment   N/A
고등학교 졸업증명서   One Graduation Certificate of High school   고등학교 성적증명서 One High school Grade Transcripts   본인 및 부모 국적 증명서 One Certificate of Citizenship (Applicant & Parents)   수상실적 (해당자만) Awards (Optional) 한국어 또는 영어 능력 공인 인증서 (해당자만) 
One Certificate of Korean or English Proficiency
(If applicable) C. of Korean Proficiency N/A
C. of English Proficiency N/A
□ 인적 사항 (Personal Information) (English Name Spelling MUST be exactly the same as in your passport)
(Full Name) 자국어
(Native language) 여권 사진
(Passport Photo)
3cm ×4cm
성(Family Name) 이름(Given Name) Middle Name 영어*
(English) 성(Family Name) 이름(Given Name) Middle Name 성별
(Gender) □ Male
□ Female 생년월일(Date of Birth: yyyy/mm/dd) 결혼여부(Marital Status) □ Single □ Married 출생지
(Place of Birth)
City/Province and Country 여권번호
(Current Passport Number) 국적
여권 유효기간
(Passport Expiration date) 자택
(Home) 주소
Address) ※Please write in ENGLISH ONLY including street address, city, country and postal code.
Country Code / Area Code / Phone Number
(Cell Phone) ___________________________________________________________________________
Country Code / Cell Phone Number
(E-mail) 출신고등학교
(High School) 주소
Address) ※Please write in ENGLISH ONLY including street address, city, country and postal code.
Country Code / Area Code / Phone Number
Country Code / Area Code / Fax Number
□ 언어능력 (Language Proficiency)
(Language) 시험명
(Title of Test) 성적
(Score or level) 시험일
(Date of Test) 수준(Level)
Beginning Intermediate Advanced
한국어 (Korean) 영어 (English) □ 학력 (Education: including Elementary School): Please list most recent first
(Entrance Date)
( yyyy/mm/dd) 졸업일
(Graduation Date)
(yyyy/mm/dd) 기관명
(Institution) 소재지
(Location: city/country)
□ 고등학교 성적 (High School Grades; Only for the semesters attended)
(School Year) 1학년 (1st year) 2학년 (2nd year) 3학년 (3rd year) TOTAL 백분율
(100 percentile)
Grades (G.P.A.) C.G.P.A.: /100
□ 가족사항 (Family Background)
(Relationship) 성명
(Name: Family/Given/Middle) 생년월일
(Date of Birth) 직업
(Occupation) 거주지
(Address: district, city)
□ 한국기관에서 수여 받은 장학금 (Previous Scholarship Awards Received from Korean institutions)
(Title of Award) 기간: 연월일
(Period: yyyy/mm/dd) 지원 기관
∼ ∼ □ 과거 한국에서의 거주 또는 체류 사실 (Previous Visits to Korea)
기간: 연월일
(Period: yyyy/mm/dd) 지역
(City or Region) 목적
(Purpose of Stay) 거주 또는 체류관련기관
(Organization Concerned)
∼ ∼ □ 추천인 명단 (List of Recommenders)
(Name) 지위
(Position) 소속 기관명
(Organization) 전화
(Phone) 이메일 주소
(E-mail Address)
DATE(yyyy/mm/dd): . .
[Form 2]
KGSP Applicant Pledge
As an applicant for the 2018 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Undergraduate Degree, I pledge to abide by the followings;
Please read each article and check the box below
All documents I submitted to NIIED are true; □

I will abide by all the Korean laws and ordinances; □

I will respect and uphold the values of the Korean culture and society; □
I will fulfill my responsibilities as a KGSP scholar to the best of my abilities; □
I will not participate in any form of political activities; □
(such as organizing or joining a political party, attending political meetings, publishing articles and declarations, and organizing or participating in political demonstraions)
I will maintain financial integrity at a personal level; □
I accept NIIED’s decision concerning the undergraduate degree program and the Korean language program; □
I understand it is not permitted to change the university, either for the Korean language program or for the degree program; □
I will observe the regulations of NIIED and the university; and □
I give permission to NIIED to use my personal information for KGSP □
I confirm that I read all of the above conditions. I also understand that the violation of any one of the above might result in the suspension or cancellation of the scholarship.
DATE(yyyy/mm/dd): .
[Form 3]
자 기 소 개 서
(Personal Statement)
<지시문: 자기소개서를 2페이지 이내로 서술식으로 작성(A4, 단면으로 작성)하되, 아래 내용을 포함하도록 하며, 내용을 잘 알아볼 수 있도록 타이핑을 하거나 인쇄하시오. 이 지시문은 숙지 후 삭제하시오.>
<Instructions: Please write no more than 2 pages on an A4 size format, one-sided only. The essay should contain the following things and must be clearly typed or printed in black ink. Please remove the instructions after reading it. >
- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Family and Education background
- Significant experiences you have had; risks you have taken and achievements you have made, persons or events that have had a significant influence on you
- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired, etc.
DATE(yyyy/mm/dd): . .
[Form 4]
수 학 계 획 서
(Study Plan)
<지시문: 한국어 또는 영어로 3 페이지 이내로 A4 규격용지에 단면으로 작성하시오. 수학계획서를 작성하기 전에 학교 선생님과 수학 목적과 계획에 대해 상의하시길 권장합니다. 이 지시문은 숙지 후 삭제하시오.>
<Instructions: Please type or print in Korean or English not exceeding 3 pages on an A4 size format, one-sided only. It is advised that you discuss your academic goals and plans with your teacher before filling out this form. Please remove the instructions after reading it.>
(Name) Family name / Given name / Middle name
(Nationality) 생년월일
(Date of Birth:yyyy/mm/dd) 출신고등학교
(Secondary school
attended) 입학일
(Entry Date: yyyy/mm) 졸업일
(Graduation Date: yyyy/mm) 한국어능력
(Korean Proficiency) □Advanced □Intermediate □Beginner) 영어능력
(English Proficiency) □Advanced □Intermediate □Beginner)
수학 희망 대학
(Preferred Universities) 희망 전공
(Preferred Departments) 한국입국 전 후 학위과정 수학에 필요한 외국어(한국어, 영어 등) 능력을 향상시키기 위한 계획
Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course
BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.
학위과정 수학 계획 (대학 및 전공 선택 이유, 학업 목표와 계획, 수학 후 계획을 기재하고, 진학 희망 대학별 전공이 다른 경우에는 분리하여 기술하시오)
Study plan for a bachelor’s degree course (Please state the reason you choose such universities and departments (or majors), your academic goals, specific plans (including timeline) to achieve them, and future plan after completion of your study. In case that preferred departments (or majors) of the preferred universities are different, please mention about them separately.)
DATE(yyyy/mm/dd): . .
[Form 5]
Letter of Recommendation
∙ Type or print in English or Korean, not exceeding 2 pages in length.
To be completed by the applicant:
Please fill in your name and other information below. If possible, let your recommender know your study plan in Korea when ask him/her to write this letter. Please note that recommendation letters that are not sealed and signed will not be accepted.
Applicant’s Name:
Current/Last (High) School:
Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd) E-mail:
Desired Field of study □ Humanities & Social Sciences □ Natural Sciences & Engineering □ Arts and Physical Education
Preferred Universities Preferred Departments (or Majors) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To be completed by the recommender:
Your frank and candid appraisal of the applicant will be highly appreciated in the process of selection of Korean Government Scholarship recipients and the admissions to a Korean university. Please seal your letter of recommendation in an official envelope and sign across the back flap upon completion.
Name: E-mail:
Title, Position and Institution:
How long have you known the applicant and in what context?

Please assess the applicant's qualities in the evaluation table given below. Rate the applicant compared to other individuals whom you are familiar with.
Classification Truly Exceptional Excellent Very Good Good Below Average N/A
Top 2% Top 10% Top 25% Middle 50% Lower 25% Academic Achievement Future Academic Potential Integrity Responsibility/Independence Creativity/Originality Communication Skills Interpersonal skills Leadership 1/2
Please provide us with comments on the applicant’s performance record, potential, or personal qualities which you believe would be helpful in considering the applicant’s application for the proposed degree program.
DATE(yyyy/mm/dd): . .
[Form 6]
자 가 건 강 진 단 서
(Self Medical Assessment)
Please provide accurate information for the following questions.
Note: Applicants are not required to undergo an authorized medical exam before passing the 2nd round of selection; however, all candidates must take a comprehensive medical exam after the 2nd round of selection (see FORM 7); all grantees must take another comprehensive medical check-up (including HIV, TBPE drug test) after coming into Korea in accordance with the requirements of the Korea Immigration Service and the KGSP. If the results show that any grantee is unfit to study and live overseas, he/she may be disqualified.
When and for what reason did you last consult a physician? (Please explain) Have you had any serious ailment, injuries or diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, any type of Hepatitis, HIV, etc) in the last five years? (If yes, please explain) Have you been hospitalized in the last two years? (If yes, please explain) Have you ever been treated by a doctor for any mental, emotional, or anxiety disorder? (If yes, please explain and attach a report from your doctor) Have you ever been addicted to any substance?
(If yes, please explain) Do you have any allergies? (If yes, please list them) Do you have any visual or hearing impairment? Do you have any physical disabilities? Do you have any cognitive/mental disabilities? Are you taking any prescribed medication? (If yes, please explain) Are you on a special diet? (If yes, please explain in detail) Have you ever suffered from depression? (If yes, please explain) THE ANSWERS I HAVE GIVEN ABOVE ARE TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. IF MY ANSWERS CONTAIN ANY KIND OF FALSEHOOD, I WILL TAKE ANY LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY.
Date(yyyy/mm/dd): . .

[Form 7]
의사 발급 건강 진단서
(Certificate of Health)
This certificate will be highly appreciated in the process of selection of Korean Government Scholarship recipients and the admissions to a Korean university. Please attach evidential documents which prove that the result of the following examinations is true and correct; otherwise, it is not valid.
1. Personal Information                                                      
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
2. Physical Examination                                                      
   Blood Pressure: Systolic              Diastolic             mmHg
Vision: Right 20/                Left 20/               Color Vision                   
   Corrected: Right             /15  Left             /15
   Dental Evaluation: Good (    )  Fair (    )  Poor (    ) Needs Attention (     )
  Clinical Evaluation:
Classification Normal Abnormal Classification Normal Abnormal
Skin     Heart    
Head & Face     Abdomen    
Eyes     Rectum    
Ears     Genitalia    
Mouth & Throat     Extremities    
Nose & Sinuses     Back & Spine    
Neck     Neurological    
Chest & Lungs     Mental    
If Abnormal:
3. Chest X‐ray Examination
   Date taken:
4. Laboratory Examination
   Hemoglobin:                Gm/dl
Urine: S.G.                  Sugar               Micro                
Hepatitis B:
Stool for Parasite Oval:
Serological Test for Syphilis:                                                   
                                                         In my opinion his/her health condition is;
Excellent (   )  Good (  )   Fair (   )   Poor (  )
This is to certify that the above named applicant has gone through a general medical examination and the findings indicated here are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Date   Hospital or Institute
M.D   Signature

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