down to the drain
призвание – mission
перевести дух – to catch one’s breathe
между небом и землей – between heaven and earth
лезть за словом в карман – to have a ready tongue
держать ухо востро – to be on one’s guard
падать духом – to lose courage/ heart
будьте здоровы – stay healthy and wealthy
ни дня без строчки – nulla dies sine linea
была не была – here goes
неохота – it’s a pain in the neck
жизнь кажется малиной – we are in clover
держаться в тени – to keep in the background
это не беда – never mind
между двух огней – between the devil and the deep blue sea

An outstanding translator.
Mikhail Zagot was born in the 11th of January, 1946. He is famous as one of the best Russian translators. Zagot translates English-language literature, mostly
· prose. He published about 50 translated books of English-language writers, including Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Richard Right, Lesley Heartley and other famous writers. Besides, Mikhail works as an interpreter and his simultaneous translating is very good example of qualified and accurate work. Moreover, Zagot published a lot of specialized literature for translaters such as dictionaries.
In addition, he is well-known as a chanson singer. Mikhail’s song “Translator” is a hymn of the profession in Russia. The song was cordially received by critics and Zagot’s collegues.


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