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Tест до 1 залікового модулю з дисципліни «Англійська
мова» для студентів 4 курсу заочної форми навчання освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня “Бакалавр” галузі знань «Економіка та підприємництво».
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від 30.08.2012
Донецьк 2012
Тест з дисципліни «Англійська мова» для студентів 4 курсу заочної форми галузі знань «Економіка та підприємництво».
Укладач ст.викл. А.Є.Чернушич.
Тест МКРВаріант 1
1. Закінчить текст використовуючи вірні форми дієслів, що приведені у дужках. (Use either the past simple or the past continuous or the present perfect.) Зразок надається.
Last year our company set up (set up) a joint venture and for my work I started to travel by air. Once I(1)_________( fly) to London but I (2)_________(not/ know) the right check-in desk. I asked a BA flight attendant who (3)__________ ( pass) and she told us. When we got to the desk I showed our passports and tickets. I asked for a non-smoking seat but the man at the desk said that there (4)____(be) no smoking on any flights these days. Then he gave us our boarding cards. He said:” You(5)________(come) early and your flight (6)__________(not/ have) a gate number yet” We(7)_________ (go) through passport control and(8)________ (show) our passports and boarding cards. Soon they announced our gate number and we boarded the plane. On the plain they (9)_______ (serve) us refreshments. We (10) _________(feel) relaxed and comfortable. Our flight to London was long but not tiring.
Оберіть відповідний артикль (a/an/the/nothing) та заповнить пропуски.
Our customers like our_____ existing products.
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
We employ 10 percent more _____ staff than we did last year.
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
He bought _____ enormous house on ______ money from selling his shares.
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed.
Are you going to join ___ health club so you can get fit?
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
____ Jersey is the biggest of ____Channel Islands.
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
I can’t refund your money without _____ receipt.
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
Did you pay by ____ credit card or by ____cash?
a) a b) an c) the d) no article is needed
2. Перетворіть пряму мову на непрямі речення, використовуючи дієслова та займенник (якщо потрібно), що надається у дужках.
“Don’t forget to phone me back.” (she/ told)
She told me to phone her back.
“You should try harder.”( my boss /tells)
“I can't imagine my life without a cell phone.”(my brother/complained) that
“You must accept the offer to work for General Electric.”(he /insisted)
“You should ask the manufacturers for some more information.” (she/advised)
"Don't worry about us." (they /told her)
Оберіть необхідну форму дієслова у пасивному стані.
The staff … with attractive performance-based bonuses last year.
were rewarded
is rewarded
is being rewarded
All the cars...before we sell them.
were tested
are tested
Scissors... to cut different things.
are used
was used
The first dark glasses … to help pilots flying airplanes.
will be made
are made
were made
I think his telephone number... some days ago.
was lost
is lost
How many... in the CV?
was mistakes made
mistakes were made
were made mistakes
mistakes was made
Our first Canadian store … in Toronto, Ontario last year.
has been opened
is opened
was opened
had been opened
The Gemini discount brand … recently in Manhattan
has been launched
was launched
is being launched
will be launched
Modern furniture … of plastic.
be makes
is made
are made
A lot of visual aids … at the conference yesterday.
were used
are used

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