5 класс Хроники Нарнии

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.Part 1.The Pevensie family never dreamed that a magic wardrobe would change their lives!
There were four children in the family: Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy. They lived in London. But when the World War II started their mother sent them to their uncle Professor Kirke.
One day the children were playing hide-and-seek. Lucy, the youngest, needed a place to hide! She dashed inside a wardrobe in an otherwise empty room. As Lucy moved toward the back of the wardrobe, she felt a cold wind. What was going on? That was how Lucy became the first Pevensie to find out the secret inside of the wardrobe. That was when Lucy discovered Narnia – a magical land full of snow and different, wonderful creatures! Lucy also liked to make new friend like Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, Mr. and Ms. Beavers, the Fox, and the Great Lion Aslan, the King of Narnia.
When Lucy returned to the game of hide-and-seek, she shared her discovery. At first no one believed Lucy’s story about Narnia. Peter, Susan and Edmund thought she was just playing a game. How could there be another whole world in the back of a wardrobe? Lucy always loved to play games and have adventures. Edmund was the second of the Pevensie children to visit Narnia. At first he teased his sister Lucy. Then he found out her story was true.
But while Lucy made nice friends when she went to Narnia, Edmund did not. You see, Edmund had a way of finding trouble wherever he went. And that was what he found in Narnia! Just after entering the land beyond the wardrobe, Edmund met the White Witch. She was the evil Queen, who seized the power in Narnia The White Witch gave Edmund some enchanted candy called Turkish Delight. He quickly fell under her spell and became the traitor of his family and Narnia itself. He promised the White Witch to bring his sisters and a brother to Narnia. The White Witch wanted to kill them so that the prophecy would never come true. The prophecy said when for children, two brothers and two sisters from the other world visit Narnia, it would be the end of the White Witch power over Narnia, and she would be perished.
Part 2.And soon the other Pevensie children visited Narnia. They could not believe their own eyes! They apologized before Lucy for not believering her.
At first Susan was worried that her family might be in danger in Narnia. She thought it would be safer to go home. But as time went by, Susan grew to love Narnia. She was a fierce protector of Narnia and its creatures. Peter, the oldest, always tried to protect his family and keep them together. Peter tried to protect his family in Narnia, too. It was a lot of responsibility, but as the oldest Peter knew it was his job.
The White Witch put Edmund into prison. To save his life Edmund told her about Aslan approaching to Narnia with Edmund’s sisters and a brother.
Meanwhile the children came to Aslan’s camp. They met Aslan the Great Lion, the King of Narnia, there. They told him about Edmunds betrayal and capture. Aslan sent His warriors to free Edmund and bring him to the camp, where they had a very long talk and then He let Edmund join his brother and sisters. Aslan saw how Peter loved and took care of his brother and sisters. Aslan saw the bravery inside Peter. He asked Peter to help him lead the creatures of Narnia against the White Witch.
And since then they worked together to make Narnia free and let the spring come again.
The White Witch came to Aslan’s camp. She reminded Aslan that there was a traitor in their midst and every traitor was her property according to Narnia Law. The Narnia Law said that every traitor had to die on the Stone Table otherwise Narnia would be overturned and perished in fire and water. After some private talk with Aslan, the White Witch left the camp without Edmund. The children were very happy to be with their brother again.
But at night, right before the final battle, Aslan left the camp, too. Why? Was He going to leave His creatures and children alone for the coming battle? Or there was something else in it? Lucy and Susan decided to follow Him. Although Aslan was not happy with that, He allowed them to be with Him.
Part 3.
Soon they came up to the Stone Table. Aslan bid the girls farewell and went up farther alone. The evil creatures of darkness bound Aslan with the rope and cut off His mane. They bit him with the chains and sticks, pieced Him with knives. They made fun of Him and called Him names in an effort humiliate him, and then put Him on the Stone Table. The Great Lion met their cruelty with dignity as the White Witch plunged her sword into His heart. Aslan died, and the White Witch left the Stone Table to prepare her troops for the battle.
Susan and Lucy stayed with Aslan all the night. But in the morning something strange happened. When they were about to leave, they heard a terrible sound behind. They turned back to see the Stone Table cracked and Aslan alive. The Great Lion explained that the Narnia Law said if the one who had committed no sin would die on the Stone Table for the traitor; the death itself would turn backwards.
So, Aslan and the girls went back to the battlefield for the final battle. Aslan killed the White Witch, and his army defeated evil creatures. Narnia became free again!
After the battle everyone travelled to the Palace to have the feast. The children were crowned as kings and queens, and they lived and ruled over Narnia very happily for many years!
But one day when they were hunting the White Stag they went farther and farther and suddenly they found themselves back at the Professor’s not a day older than the day they first entered the magical wardrobe.
The Pevensie children never dreamed of the adventures they would have and the many creatures they would meet. Or they would ever meet the Great King, the Great Lion Aslan. Or that they would later become Kings and Queens of the magical place called Narnia!
Though they returned to their home eventually, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy always kept Narnia in their hearts! For the Narnia Law said who once became a King or a Queen of Narnia would stay them forever!

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